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Especially designed for children, ZUMBATOMIC is great for keeping kids active and entertained! Exercise is really important for children’s growth and development, not just for their body but also their minds, and ZUMBATOMIC helps to develop confidence, coordination, stamina, balance, discipline, memory and creativity. But most of all it helps children to have fun!

The ZUMBATOMIC workout is designed for children aged between 5-7 years (‘LIL STARS’) and 8-12 (‘BIG STARS’). A class can be done in two different styles:

The first style is to take a ZUMBATOMIC dance/fitness routine and use the class time to breakdown the routine and teach it bit by bit to the children. By the end of the class they will have learned the complete routine to a particular track of music.

The second style is to take our regular ZUMBA routines and water or slow them down, so that the children, especially in the ‘LIL STARS‘ group, can follow easily.
Alongside that, we would of course do a warm up and cool down, and if there is time play one or more of the following games:

  • Freeze star – a bit like musical statues, but no one is out, the ‘LIL STARS especially love this game.
  • Shining star – all the children form a line facing the front and each child takes it in turn to come to the front and perform a move of their choice to the music and all the others must copy the move. If a child wants to do it but feels overwhelmed, then they can do it with their back to the others, as sometimes facing people is the hardest part.
  • Centre star – the same as the above but all the children form a circle and each one will take a turn to come into the centre to do a move for the others to copy.

Although ZUMBATOMIC classes are only being run through specific organisations at present we are hoping to branch classes into schools, so keep an eye out!

We also do ZUMBATOMIC parties, great fun for all kids involved and perfect for birthdays! We provide the teacher, music and CD player – just add kids and space!

If you are interested in any of the above, please send an email and we are happy to send further information.