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History of Zumba

The ZUMBA story is really one of necessity being the mother of invention.

The creator of ZUMBA is a guy called Alberto “Beto” Perez. He grew up in Cali, Columbia and having always loved dance and exercise he eventually began to teach his own classes. One day he turned up to teach his regular aerobics class and he realised he had forgotten his music. Not wanting to disappoint his class, he returned to his car, grabbed his own music tapes (before the cd/ipod revolution) and taught the class to his own personal music, telling them “today, we are going to do something different!”

He improvised the class for the whole hour with meringue and salsa music and moves and ZUMBA was born. It quickly went from strength to strength and Beto was becoming more and more accomplished, he even choreographed two albums for singer/songwriter Shakira!

After a few years Beto decided to move to America to follow the American dream, and whilst there was introduced to two business men called Alberto Perleman and his friend Alberto Aghion who took great interest in ZUMBA and where it could go. If you have tried ZUMBA already, you will be well aware of the results of this interest. The American public loved it, exercise had never been so popular, it became a global sensation and the rest as they say is history!