Exstress Fitness & Therapy

Exstress Fitness & Therapy

What is Pilates?

Pilates matwork classes, are based on the series of exercises taken from the original repertoire of Joseph Pilates.

All the exercises are designed to work and strengthen your core muscles, (transverses abdominus & multifidus), these muscles wrap around your mid section like a corset, and in turn support the spine.  By strengthening them, this  can help you as you go about  your everyday activities, as well as any kind of sport, that you may partake in.

During a class you will exercise all your muscle groups, and you will become more bodily aware, noticing the possibility of different strengths or weaknesses which can be worked on to increase symmetry.

A matwork class can be worked on different levels, from beginners upwards, so if you are completely inexperienced, or more advanced, there will be exercises to suit you.